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Party bookings are now in abundance. Whether it be enough people to fill the entire venue (70 ish) or for just part of the upstairs (10, 20, 35) there’s a space for everyone to enjoy the upcoming festivities.

exclusivity for even the smallest gathering.  

There’s no party without some dancing. An addition of new speakers, a designated dancefloor space and some great choons means our Christmas Party offering is complete.. Cocktail packages are available to make the evening go smoothly and with a recent kitchen upgrade, basket meals to soak up the sauce mid evening are now on the menu.. (very reasonably priced at £8.95)

Hudson Place At home

A selection of decent cocktails professionally prepared is certainly the way forward for any de rigueur party these days, why not let us add some sparkle to your house party or ‘work do’ this festive season.  Choose from just a couple of hours of cocktail making or an entire evening of bar service

You provide the guest, we’ll do the rest


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